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    Everyday for the past week Leonel was at Morgana's office. It was driving her insane. She heard about his break up, its seemed the boy had even more time on his hand's since that day. She was going to kill him soon if he didn't go away. Melfara caught Morgana's attention.

“Morgana, The exam's are almost over, Samusagi is back but...” Melfara looked to the floor.

“But what Melfara? You know I'm here to help.” Melfara shifted uncomfortably on her feet.

“Samusagi may be dating Kazuhiku” She sighed. “Oh and the shield is failing.” Melfara added the last part as a second thought a second thought that Morgana found a little more important then who Samusagi is dating.

“Melfara! Since when has the shield been going down?” Melfara shrugged.

“We have to many students who can't control themselves. Like Whitney, though I think she may be calming down since Goldenfang is dead.”

Morgana thought for a moment it was true that girl had a problem.

“Samusagi's presence should also help, she sees Samusagi as a master of sorts it seems, even if Goldenfang is dead she should still have some of those obedient characteristics.” Then it dawned on Morgana how they could repair the shield well not so much repair the shield but bring back the a shield. “We can use the high Elves Magic,” Morgana frowned. “But we would need some help form the other Elves.” Melfara's eye's became large.

“You don't mean,” her voice became low, almost a whisper. “The dark Elves do you?” Morgana nodded. “But they are so secretive, you must be part of their clan to even walk into their area, or they well kill you on sight.”Melfara shook her head. “We have a pack with them we do not enter their area and they well not harm the students when they go into the forest for training, most don't even know they are there.” Melfara for once in Morgana's eyes seemed to look like a leader at that moment. “I can't allow you to go, you're life would be in danger I well go.” She stood tall in that moment even for a small women. Morgana realized the women was serious and sighed, she didn't want to say this and she hoped Melfara would read in between the lines.

“They well met with me, they have no choice but to accept my request to met.” That is perhaps the words that made the small light of realization appear, Morgana thought sadly. Elves there where lots of Elves in the village that connected to the School, but no Dark Elves stayed in the village. Dark Elves where thought worse of then those creatures who could not control their powers, they where not evil on purpose it was something they could not control, however evil was the nature of a Dark Elf. They where the original creators of Dark Magic. Though Morgana knew that without Dark there cannot be light, it did not stop her from not telling people she was part Dark Elf. She always felt they looked at her different when they found out, they always treated her as if she was more of a monster then the real monsters. No that was wrong she was the real monster.

“Morgana, some might figure out what you are if you do this.” This time Morgana did not move. “Are you sure you want to go speak with them?” Morgana looked Melfara in the eye's.

“I have never kept anything hidden Melfara, just have kept things to myself, and I would like to keep this to myself please” Melfara tilted her head.

“There is no shame in not being all human, eventually you chuuld...” Melfara stopped and looked at Morgana her eyes a little worried. “Did I just say chuuld? Chuu.” Melfara put her hand over her mouth, a worried expression on her face. Quickly Morgana was checking up on Melfara, Morgana shook her head and went straight to her cabinets. Picking a bright blue liquid she handed it to Melfara who drank it down quickly.

“What's wrong with me Morgana?” The women put her hand's on her hips. “And do not sugar coat it, I've had enough of that in my lifetime, tell me the truth Chuu.” Morgana looked at her and could see all the determination in her eyes. Well at least she wouldn't have to talk about herself anymore.

“Samusagi used her own body to create the spell.” Morgana allowed that information to sink in. “When she used her own body she linked herself to you, she created a link that should only be with life partners, this is actually one of the reason's you are so defensive of her.” Morgana could see it all hit Melfara.

“She might have found her life partner!” Morgana nodded. “how long till the spell breaks?” Morgana hated saying these next words she liked to know everything.

“I don't know, it's tricky that's why soul magic is almost non existent, it works but normally only on you're soul mate performing the magic on others causes them problems when you find you're mate” Morgana grabbed another bottle with the same bright blue liquid. “There have been times when the magic disappears but the person remains healed, but it varies from person to person, you have to find what well heal you.” She handed the bottle to Melfara. “This should help some, but you're speech may revert back to before, you're magic seems as if it should remain strong, however I fear you may have a a power surge if you over do it, you should come see me daily again.” The women slowly nodded her head, she seemed to be taking in all the information.

“Morgana, I'm going to have to ask chuu...” Morgana interrupted.

“To not tell Samusagi? You know I won't tell a soul.” Melfara smiled.

“Now about those dark Elves, do chuu think chuu can go speak with them really?” Morgana nodded.

“The Dark Elves here are ran by a man named Égon, and he well see me.” Melfara frowned as she thought for a moment.

“It may work, if we can reestablish the old ruins and bring the old shield up we chuuld be fine.” Melfara seemed lost in thought for a moment. “Morgana, how well a person like Whitney react to it, it's not exactly dark magic, but I can't call it light either.” Morgana sighed.

“That girl, everything is so black and white for her, perhaps sending her with the humans would be good for her, Goldenfang is gone now.” Melfara frowned.

“Oh? And chumans don't touchu dark magic?” She seemed a little upset, Morgana rolled her eyes.

“That's not what I mean Melfara. She's picking on other creatures simply because of what they are, she's not even trying to understand that it's their nature to behave the way they do.” The explanation seemed to make Melfara feel better.

“I don't chink sending her away would help,” Melfara looked Morgana dead in the eyes. “She would just end up like chuu in the human military, as their pawn.” Those words hit home for Morgana. Perhaps Melfara saw somethings because she gave Morgana a hug. “I'm sorry, you know I do trust chuu.” Morgana sighed.

“But you really shouldn't” Morgana pulled away. “I'm going to go see the Elves now.” Melfara looked shocked.

“Now chuu? At least take let me call Samusagi she can help chuu.” Morgana smiled.

“You already said it Melfara, Dark Elves don't like outsiders, Ill be fine alone I always am.” With that Morgana headed out.

The Forest was not a place for people to just run into and have fun. There was a student who liked to play in the forest, but she was a special case in more ways then one. The trees in the forest where twisted and the branches reached up at any moment to trip you. The rustling of the leaves could be the wind, or an animal, in this forest you never knew. But at this moment Morgana knew that someone was following her. She tried to ignore it after all it could be the Dark Elves, she was extremely close to their barriers and they did know when someone was coming for them but the noise the person made was to loud. Morgana stopped for a moment and then sent a strong gust of wind behind her and pulled the person who was following her to the surface. She frowned, she had thought the boy had given up for the day but here he was sitting in front of her with a smile.

“Mr. Darkangel, what are you doing here?” He jumped up to his feet.

“I'm here to learn, are you looking for some kind of healing plant? I hear there are only a certain kind you can get in this forest.” Morgana was getting a headache.

“Go. Back. To. The. School.” He smiled.

“No, I'm staying, I want to learn.” Morgana glared at the young man.

“I said go back to the school, you well only get in the way....” Morgana stopped. She looked back to where the school should be and groaned.

“Nya found ya!” Beryl came flipping out of the forest, right behind her Samusagi and her boyfriend Kazuhiku appeared both looking a little worse for the wear. Morgana had a headache now.

“What are you all doing here?” Samusagi placed her hands on her hips.

“You can't just come into the forest with out any help desu.” She stood toe to toe with Morgana. “Melfara told me you're plans desu, what makes you think Dark Elves, who refuse to met with anyone well met with you a human?” Morgana rubbed her head. It was obvious to Morgana Melfara had told Samusagi the plan but instead of listening fully to what Melfara had to say Samusagi ran out to help Morgana. Perhaps Morgana should have been touched, the girl actually cared what happened to Morgana, but that was not how she felt at the moment. If she didn't get rid of her along with the other's Morgana would be punished for bringing outsider's to her requested met.

“There are things about me you do not know girl, now take you're boyfriend and these two and leave me be.” Samusagi stood her ground firm. Kazuhiku leaned against a tree.

“This is so bothersome, why not just leave her be Sami, she says she has this under control dearu” He smiled . “We can do something else a lot more fun then this. dearu” Samusagi face turned bright red from anger or embarrassment Morgana did not care to know she did not have much more time before the Dark Elves met with her, she needed to get rid of them.

“For once in you're life girl listen to me and ….” Morgana stopped, it was to late. She could feel the dark magic as the barrier went up. The cute little cat creature who was jumping happily from tree to tree stopped, she swayed for a moment and then fell to the floor, Leonel quickly caught her before she hit the ground.

“What happened to her? Desu.” Morgana went over to the little kitty girl. Nothing was wrong.

“The Dark Elves are sending a messenger, all pure hearted creatures fall asleep when a dark elf is near, it's a spell they cast, it makes catching them easier.” Morgana glared at Samusagi. “Her instincts would have kept her away from this area, if she wasn't helping you.” Samusagi glared back.

“If you would just...” Morgana placed her hand over her mouth.

“He is here.” Morgana looked ahead of them. “Do not speak let me do the talking for once stay quiet.” Morgana looked Samusagi in the eyes “Please.” She hoped that she got the message across.

From behind the thickness of the trees three tall pale Elf warrior men appeared all with eerie good looks, but all very different, one had white hair with light pink eyes, another had fire red hair with red eyes the third had black hair with eyes so red they looked almost black. The white haired man stepped up first.

“How dare you show you're face here with outsiders, and those eyes.” He hissed. Morgana could feel Leonel tense up.
“Dark Elves, My father said they were all gone.” The red haired Elf hissed at him, Morgana stepped in between them.

“My apologizes, they do not know their place, it is my fault.” She bowed. “I well take what punishment is fit but I ask they not be harmed.” The white haired elf raised his hand to Morgana, She closed her eyes thinking perhaps he would strike her, but it never came. When she opened her eyes she was surprised to see another bothersome young man. Calles Rackam. He was holding the Dark Elves arm in his hand. His yellow eyes glowing.

“None o' that now, Savvy?” The Elf hissed at him. Morgana had to think quick before the conflict got out of hand.

“Calles.” Morgana had never called him by his first name, that caught his attention. “Don't fight.” The white haired elf smiled as soon as Calles seemed to loosen his grip but before he could do a thing to Calles The dark haired Elf spoke.

“Leave it be Alagnir, she says it is with her, we won't kill her pets.” Morgana glared at the Elf.

“But Tadion she has brought many outsider's, she must be punished!” This time Morgana spoke with more authority and confidence to the Elves.

“And I well be, by my Seanathair, unless you are saying you are above the current Ceannaire, Égon.” That made the other two Elves calm down. The black haired Elf by the name of Tadion however smiled at her, which made Morgana feel uncomfortable when he did that.

“Yes you're Seanathair well be so happy to see you, tell me what well you do with that little creature there?” He pointed to Beryl fast asleep in Leonel arms.

“She is also under my protection.” The red haired elf smiled.

“That's to bad, I would have liked to keep her, I never had a little kitty as a pet before.” Morgana felt the anger from her students.

“You well not touch her ~ desu.” Tadion put his hand on the red haired elves shoulder.

“Forgive Logon, he does like the innocent creatures, but please Morgana control you're pets.” Morgana placed a hand on Samusagi's shoulder.

“They are not pet's, Tadion, they are my guest treat them with respect.” He smirked and with lightening quick speed was in Morgana's face.

“I'll be nice, if you're nice.” He whispered into her ear. Calles to Morgana's surprise once again stepped in front of her.

“Arg I don't think she be wantin' you that close.” Tadion smiled at Calles. They seemd to be seizing each other up for what reason Morgana did not know but she did not like it. She pushed into the middle of both of the men.

“I have someone to see, I suggest you take me there.” Tadion slightly nodded his head and turned to lead the way.

“We need to take Beryl back Dearu” Kazuhiku looked at the girl in Leonels arms with concern. Morgana sighed, they had no choice. The Elves magic was old and connected to the earth they walked on, they could not go anywhere without their permission.

“We have no choice but to bring her now.” Morgana informed them of the situation as they followed the Elves. Samusagi nodded.

“So for now we are their prisoners until we get off their lands.” Morgana nodded. “Well this shield of theirs effect our powers in school?~desu”

“No, this and that are two different things.” The Elves stopped in Front of two large stones carved with pretty intricate designs. Calles stopped to examine the rocks. His face lit up in recognition.

“Oi, you have these designs on that box o your's” Morgana sighed.

“Yes, this is where the curse box was made, they created them.” And those curse's the box holds Morgana thought to herself, she didn't want to announce that part though. They entered a large circular stone room. That is where Tadion stopped them.

“This is as far as the outsider's can come Morgana.” Samusagi stepped up.

“If this is as far as we can go where is this Égon” Tadion's companions hissed at Samusagi.

“Control yourselves my son's, I am here to see Morgana,” He paused for a moment. “And her guests” Égon had entered the room from behind one of the large stone pillars. He was a tall white haired Elf, his age did not show on his face which looked young and just as eerily beautiful as the other men however he reeked of authority and power. His eye's where pure white, Morgana hated them it was like looking in her mirror in the mornings. Morgana bowed.

“Seanathair Égon, it has been a long time.” Eron smiled.

Yes, to long, it seems you have forgotten the rules, my dear” Before Morgana could say another word Samusagi interrupted.

NO!” Morgana turned to only see the bunny girl began to back away, suddenly the girl fell to her knees and bowed. “We did not know ~ desu.” She looked up pleadingly. “Please forgive our trespassing we take responsibility for ourselves ~ desu.” Égon smiled and looked to Morgana.

Is this true Morgana, they are not you're responsibility.” Morgana kept her face without emotion, she knew Samusagi had figured it out. Morgana was not an outsider, and because they had followed her she would punished for bringing them to these lands. But if she did not take responsibility the Elves would kill them for trespassing. She looked at the students making herself seem as unconcerned as possible.

She likes to speak out of turn. They are my responsibility.” She looked back to Égon. “I take my punishment only from you my Seanathair.” He gave a curt nod in response. “Please give me a moment with...” Morgana thought of her next words carefully, if she called them pets she would be telling all the Elves they where her property, but if she called them guest most would see them as fair game Morgana decided to keep it unknown. “These pest's.” Égon turned and gave instructions to the other Dark Elves to set up a punishment circle.

Morgana, I, I didn't know ~ desu.” Samusagi seemed upset, Leonel and Kazuhiku seemed confused. Calles however looked ready to strike, his body seemed ready to change at any moment. Morgana addressed the Dragon first, having him change could make things worse for her.

Calles,” His concentration broke once more he was not use to her saying his first name. “If you don't change I well give you a reward anything I can give understand?” He thought for a moment, then a mischievous smile spread across his face.

Aarrrg if that be you're wish.”

Wait what's going on!” Leonel and Kazuhiku spoke at the same time. Samusagi answered.

She is going to be punished, for bringing outsider's to the dark elves lands ~ desu.” Samusagi looked back at Morgana. “Why didn't you say something, if you would have said something I would have left ~ Desu” Morgana tilted her head.

Really?” Samusagi looked down, Morgana knew just as much as she knew leaving would have been hard for her, she would not have liked leaving the fate of the school on any one other then herself. Calles spoke up.

What sort o' punishment be this?” He looked slightly concerned. To Morgana's dismay Tadian the dark haired elf answered from behind her, closely behind her. Morgana kept herself from cringing as his breath touched the back of her neck.

Her Seanathair, is thinking perhaps you should exchange you're freedom.” He placed his arm around Morgana waist pulling her close to him. “Perhaps a marriage.” Morgana closed her eyes then heard a yelp she opened them quickly only to see Leonel trying to look at Calles hand.

What happened?” What happened she asked concered as Tadion laughed.

You have some really dumb pet's Morgana, don't they know that only dark elves may enter this circle? Well I guess the dumb one learned something new” Morgana frowned, she wanted to look at the wound herself, she hated not being able to heal one of the students, but as she made her way near the barrier Tadion pulled her back. “Now, now, you can examine your pet's after.”

Oi you be touching a waist that ain't yours.” Calles put both his hands on the shield it sparked around him sending blue bolts of lightening everywhere.

Calles what you are you doing ~ dearu?” Morgana sighed, damn it. Tadion tighten his grip.

Seems you're little pet doesn't know his place.” he hissed out. Morgana sucked in a sharp breath, his grip was beginning to hurt.

Calles.” He didn't look at her “Calles look at me!” She pulled from Tadion's grip, who took some of her shirt with him leaving half of her side bear. Calles looked at her, well he looked at her waist, at least he was looking at her. “Listen and listen well all of you, I broke the rules, now I must be punished.” She looked over to her Seanthair. “He won't kill me, I am of his blood after all, but there well be pain,” Morgana looked back to the students. “I ask you please, control yourselves, or you well make it worse.”

You can't expect us to stay here silent!” Leonel interrupted. Morgana frowned at the young man.

Do you still wish to be my student?” He nodded, “Part of being my student is listening to me prove that you can listen.” Samusagi and Kazuhiku finally got Calles away from the shield.

Morgana, the circle is ready for you.” gon called to her. Morgana turned to walk back to him Tadion put out his hand which she ignored.

The Circle was glowing a light pink color as Morgana stepped inside of it. There where lots of intricate symbols and little designs around the circle. Once inside Morgana had no clue what was happening on the outside of the circle the only one's she saw where the Dark Elves each staring at her.

You come into this circle of you're own free well?” Morgana nodded. “I well ask you to remove those things in you're eyes that hide you're true self.” Silently and quickly Morgana took out the contacts, the moment they left her all white eye's where on display for the world to see, the evidence of her sin in her mind. The contacts lit up and burned in her hand. gon smiled. “Now what is it of value that you have.” Morgana stared at him in disbelief he wanted something of value as punishment, well at least she wouldn't be in pain.

I have a curse box, made from these very stones, I well hand it over to you as my punishment.” Tadion laughed.

You do not value that box.” Ểgon nodded.

Tell me child what do you value.” Morgana thought on it for a moment but no object came to mind.

I am sorry, I have nothing like that.” Tadion smile widen.

Then pledge yourself as my wife, and this well be done.” Morgana looked to Ễgon.

What sort of punishment is this, do you plan to marry me off as punishment?” Ễgon smiled.

I see where you're hiding it Morgana, the thing you value or the thing that consumes you are you're memories.” Morgana felt fear, she didn't want all her memories to be taken, then what sort of person would she be? She closed her eyes there was so much she wished to forget perhaps this was for the best. Ễgons voice brought her back to reality.

No dear, you well not forget a single thing, but you well relive it all with me today.” Morgana wanted to scream out no her thoughts where hers and hers alone, but she had agreed to this already. Ễgon stepped into the circle which caused everything but him to disappears. He placed his hand over Morgana. Slowly she felt the magic raising up inside of her, until it reached her mind. As soon her mind felt the intrusion it fought back. She tried to control herself but her mind didn't want to be entered she couldn't hide that fact. Ễgon's magic pushed harder and Morgana could no longer feel the ground underneath her. For a moment nothing happened then the pain took over. How long Morgana was able to contain her screams she was unsure but she kept them in for as long as she could. She had no idea what was happening around her the only thing she felt was the pain of her mind as it was torn apart. Ễgon went back further and further into the past. Until he found it, the day she met him. NO her mind screamed out or did she actually say it? She couldn't tell anymore. He was forcing her to relive the past a past she wished to forgot.

Morgana was a bright young women of twenty. She was very popular the moment she entered the military, though most men stayed away the moment they heard she was General Greer's daughter. Her older brother Simon and older sister Sabrina stood at the gates waiting for her. Although they were all very attractive people there was something about Morgana something that made people stare longer then they should. Not only did people notice how physically she was different from her brother and sister , her hair was so blond it looked white unlike her siblings golden locks and her skin was pale while theirs where rosy. they also saw that mentally she was different.

While her bother and sister followed orders Morgana questioned them and gave orders. She refused to become some common military foot soldier and instead became a Doctor. She had already found a cure for the burning magic explosive that would burn you're skin to the bone until the day you died. The military had kept that cure to themselves in order to keep their enemies in pain.

Her sister and brother showed her around the base, it was like any other base, that was until they brought her to the lab where she would be working for now on. Thats where she met him. Anthony Simmons, he was a tall dark haired man. Morgana had heard of the man, she had even bought a few of his book which in her opinion needed some work, the man thought all creature's needed healing and his bran of healing was not something Morgana wanted to take part of. When she entered the room a vampire laid strapped to a table. At first Morgana felt bad for the creature until it broke free of it's shackles and went straight for Morgana.

This had been her first time in hand to hand combat to say Morgana was ready would have been a lie. The creature threw itself on top of her luckily for Morgana that is when Dr. Simmons stepped in. Quickly he stabbed the vampire with a needle full of bright orange liquid. The creature looked Morgana in the eyes and for a moment she could have sworn it smiled as if in relief but soon it vanished in a pile of ash.

My apologizes, Dr. Greer,” His voice was like ice. “That thing had been giving us problems please allow me to introduce my self.” He bowed slightly. “I am Dr Simmons.” At that moment Morgana did not like that man, something about him made her uncomfortable.

That is where Ễgon began the memory, but not where he ended. He quickly skimmed through her relationship with the doctor. Watching as they worked side by side and Morgana's feeling turning form dislike to friendship. Which took almost five years. He stopped at a project Morgana shared with the Doctor. They were experimenting on a young Vareos female, it was part cat. The little thing cried in pain as Morgana injected it with another serum.

The creature's seem to adapt quickly.” Morgana noted. “I don't think the same method well work as vampire's.” When did Morgana go from healing diseases to experimenting on creature's she wasn't sure. Dr. Simmons took her notes. He was the lead on this.

No, you didn't give it enough, you should be giving it ten times as much.” Morgana narrowed her eyes.

If you give her too much she well die, I thought this was to stop their blood lust not kill them.” Dr. Simmons looked at the Vareos with disdain.

They have resilient bodies they can handle it, besides, this one was sent to death after it killed all those children.”

It's still a child its self, she didn't have any idea what she was doing,” Morgana looked at the Vareos, she felt bad for the creature, it was young and unable to control its self. Morgana rubbed the creature putting it to sleep, Dr. Simmons grabbed Morgana by the arm.

Perhaps you have forgotten our job is to help the humans these monsters are killing.” She pulled her arm away from him.

I haven't forgotten my role in this, I just don't see the point in killing the creature's, we are here to cure their blood lust not torture them to death.” Morgana walked out of the room upset. Later that night Morgana sneaked into the room. The little cat girl was strapped to a bed, tears falling from its face. Morgana grabbed a clean cloth and whipped the tears from its eyes, it opened its large amber eyes to look into Morgana's own dark chocolate eyes. Morgana smiled and the cat girl smiled back, she undid the girl bindings.

Here drink this, it should stop the pain.” They had done this every night since the girl had come. She didn't have a name as of yet and Morgana didn't like that. She gave the girl some food as well. “I was thinking.” She said as the girl took a bite of fish happily. “I know you don't have a name, so I was wondering can I pick one for you?” The cat girl thought for a moment then nodded. “ok how about, Lucy?” The cat girl smiled happily and nodded. “Ok. Then from now on I'll call you Lucy ok?” Morgana turned to put away the few potions she had taken out to give Lucy some relief when she felt the blood lust behind her. Morgana turned just in time to see Lucy jump up at her. She moved out of the way, and the girl flew into some cabinets sending glass and wood everywhere.

Lucy, control it!” Lucy turned to face Morgana her eye's glowing red. Again Lucy tried to rip Morgana apart. Lucy was now on top of Morgana, to Morgana's surprise there seemed to be tears coming from Lucy's eyes. “Lucy,” Morgana huffed out. “Control, it, please.” Morgana could have pushed Lucy off of her, but she didn't want to hurt Lucy, the girl was already so weak. “Lucy please.” Morgana pleaded, but nothing the girl was gone. Morgana flipped over with Lucy on the bottom. “Lucy, come back, please control the animal in you.” All the noise seemed to have woken up Dr. Simmons. He rushed in on time to see Lucy free her hand from Morgana grasp. Before Morgana knew what she was doing she had sliced off the hand that went for her throat. Lucy screamed in agonizing pain. Dr. Simmons quickly grabbed a needle and injected Lucy with a deadly toxin. Lucy laid under Morgana dead. Morgana looked at the poor girl sadly. Dr. Simmons looked at Morgana with anger.

Why did you let such a dangerous creature like that out?” He grabbed Morgana by the shoulders and stopped when he saw the tears in her eyes.

Lucy is gone.” He picked her up, but Morgana struggled. “No I have to find out what went wrong, she was fine, and then all of the sudden she went crazy with blood lust it makes no sense.” Tears where freely falling down her cheeks now. Dr. Simmons held her still until she stopped her struggling.

Dr. Greer, that is what we are trying to stop, we don't want them to continue their blood lust, imagine what those poor scared children went through when Lucy attacked them.” Morgana felt lost, Lucy seemed so innocent, how could she be this way. “Morgana?” Her name brought her out of her thoughts. “Yes, Dr. Simmons?” He pulled her close to him.

I know how you feel, I don't want them to suffer either.” He grabbed Morgana's hand and interlaced their fingers “Perhaps together we can help them.” Morgana looked away from him, he dropped her hand and pulled her face to his. “Please help me, help them.” Morgana closed her eyes, he took that moment and kissed her. It was soft and gentle and when they finally broke apart Morgana agreed to help him.

gon didn't seem satisfied with just this there was more to the story that was Morgana Greer. He pushed Morgana to her happiest Moment with Anthony Simmons. Morgana cried tears of pain as he riped apart the moment she told Anthony she was pregnant with his child. The moment at the time had meant so much to her as he lifted her in the air and kissed her passionately. Then he found the moment he was looking for Morgana could feel it as he stopped.

Anthony was sick, Morgana had no idea he had been taking potions for a long time. He asked for her help he needed to sacrifice a creature, any creature would do according to him. They had picked a horrid women who was going to die that week anyways. Everything was ready, Anthony laid next to the women in the circle. Morgana started the ceremony and the woman screamed her displeasure. Morgana eye's glowed, as she spoke the incantations. In front of gon Morgana screamed, she didn't to see this not again. The smoke filled the room in Morgana's mind she remembered it all so clearly, the smells of the women's rotting flesh as she opened the portal the women's body serving as the opening and then the creature. Morgana had blocked him out until now but there he stood now. Hades looked down at the group in front of him. He made the room colder as he exited the womens corpse.

This was Morgana first time facing the god of death she had only ever heard stories of him but none of the stories told of how eerily beautiful he was. His skin was so pale it looked blue, and it glowed slightly. His hair was long dark and fell in waves while his eyes where a dark blue that seemed to see right through you. When he spoke it was like honey in the ears.

Why have you called me?” Anthony spoke from his spot next to the women.

I have come with a sacrifice to ask for my life in exchange.” Hades looked around the room.

I see no pure sacrifice for such a request.” As Hades spoke the last of his words Morgana fell to the floor, Her water had broken.

You're innocent sacrifice is there.” Morgana looked up at Anthony in disbelief.

What, what did you say?” Anthony smiled.

Sorry love, but I don't want to die, besides the thing you're carrying is a monster anyways, might as well put it to good use.” Morgana shook her head.

What, what are you talking about?” Morgana fell to her knees, something was wrong she was going into labor far to quickly.

Don't worry dear, the drink I gave you well hurry along the process and then we can live happily ever after.” He mocked Morgana. At this point Morgana could take no more, she pushed gon out of her mind and he went flying out of the circle.

Morgana sat in the circle holding herself. Slowly the magic around her began to fade. gon touchd her shoulder.

So that's how you received you're inheritance so early.” He looked into her sad eyes. “You're eye's where not supposed to be this color for many years.” He shook his head. “I think you have been punished enough.” He stood back up all concerned now gone from his face. “Tadion take her home I'd see her home safely.” Morgana quickly stood up, her body screamed in protest.

No!” she screamed. “Don't touch me!” She huffed on her feet. “I have come to ask, if you, if you, well help put the old shield back up.” Breathing was hard for Morgana.

If that's all you need then fine.” Morgana glared at the him.

You could have agreed to that when I called for you earlier.” She huffed out in pain. gon smiled.

But then I wouldn't have been able to see you my dear.” gon made his way to the other side of the stone pillars. “Take care my dear, I'll see you again soon.” He stopped at the edge of the room. “And be nice to Tadion, I would like to make him part of our family soon.” Morgana saw red. But she couldn't do much about it at the moment she collapsed to the floor and everything went black.

"She didn't tell me Desu."
"You chuold have waited chuu didn't even lischen to me chuu."
"Melfara! I'm sorry, she looks fine though Desu."
"Why is Calles sleeping as well chuu?" Samusagi Groaned while Kazuhiku laughed.
"He went a little crazy Dearu."
"Its not funny controlling a pissed off dragon is hard Desu!"
There was so much noise. Morgana groaned, she felt heavy at the moment her waist felt like it was being held down, she tried to struggle to get away but it didn't work. When she opened her eye's and she snapped them back shut. The room was much to bright.

Finally ~ desu” Morgana knew that voice. “I thought she would never wake up ~ desu” Morgana rolled her eyes.

What are you doing in here?” Morgana finally opened her eyes when she looked around she saw more then just Samusagi there, Melfara stood over her with a worried expression. As Morgana looked around she noticed she was in her infirmary but in one of her infirmary beds for the students.

What am I doing here?” She asked as she tried to get up but something stopped her from moving, she looked down only to see Calles holding her and fast asleep. She tried to push him off but his grip tightened. “What the hell is this?” Samusagi smirked.

He said this is part of his reward.” Morgana frowned, then it all came rushing back to her. Morgana buried her face in her hands. They all knew.

Why me?” Morgana tried again to push off Calles who yawned and looked up at Morgana sleepily.

Mornin' me buxom beauty,” He snuggled up to her. Morgana glared at him.

Get off!” Samusagi laughed, Morgana was not expecting that, Melfara laughed along with her. Leonel came out of no where smiling and holding a potion.

But Morgana you promised him a reward,” Samusagi giggled out, “I think you even told him you would double it when he started to really lose control.” Morgana looked at the girl in disbelief. Calles grinned widly.

You're lying.” Morgana jumped up out of the bed and out of Calles grip only to lose her balance and be caught by him.

Arrg I've got you.” Oh the room was spinning now for her. Melfara felt Morganas head.

Chuu cheem fine,” She brought Morgana face up to her own. “Chuu chust need rest chuu.” Melfara turned to everyone in the infirmary. “I chink we chould allow Morgana to rest chuu, Calles put her back in bed, and then let us go chuu.” Melfara waved a happy goodbye, she had other things to do in the Academy today. Calles effortlessly lifted Morgana who struggled in the man's arms.

I am not sick, put me down damn it!” He did put her down but in a bed. A whimper escaped her lips as soon as she was sat down, her body really did hurt. Samusagi was now smiling happily.

The Elf said it would take time before they could get everything ready for the shield, the one we have now might go down before then, but at least now we know they well help us.” Morgana rolled her eyes.

Yes they are so kind.” Kazuhiku got up from one of the infirmary beds.

Do we get to go and have our time together now ~ dearu?” He yawned out as soon as Samusagi nodded he grabbed her hand and teleported the two of them out of the room. Leonel sat down a bottle of sickening green looking medication next to Morgana.

What's this?” He shrugged.

It said pain reliever, thought you might need it.” Morgana sighed. She told him she would train him didn't she? And it didn't look like he forgot.

Thank you, I expect you here tomorrow early in the morning understood?” He nodded happily. “Where is Beryl?” Leonel pointed outside.

As soon as we left the dark elves lands she was back to her normal self, she's out there right now playing.” He grinned. “Well, I am going to go for now.” he stopped at the doorway “Maybe I can call you big sister from now on?” Morgana glared at him.

You pain in the ass, don't you dare.” but it was to late, Leonel left the room with a large smile. Morgana was lift with an extremely happy Calles. “Why are you smiling?” She finally got out.

Arrg I get a reward.” Then he thought about it “Double rewards.” Morgana stared at Calles for a moment, double the rewards she thought to herself, maybe in the mist of pain she said something, but now she wondered what he wanted. Morgana sighed it better not be something really weird and perverted. Her face went red when she thought of what kind of a pervert Calles may be.

Fine what is that you want?” He smiled happily, Morgana could tell he had been thinking about it the whole time she slept.

T' first thin' I want is t' be able t' hug you're waist whenever I feel like it.” Morgana looked at him a little confused didn't he already do that? After a moment she couldn't contain it. Calles was not as much of pervert as she thought. Morgana actually began to laugh. Was she the one being perverted in that moment? Calles looked at her confused. “Arrg what be so funny?” Morgana tried to pull herself back together, it took her moment, but she did it.

Nothing,” she finally got out. “Nothing at all Mr. Rackam.” Calles frowned.

Oi, one more thin'” Morgana frowned, now what did he want. “You have t' call me Calles from now on. No more Mr. Rackam” Morgana looked at him for a moment, she really didn't want to call him by his first name, for some reason that was too personal, what was she thinking he wanted to hug her every time he felt like wasn't that more personal?

I don't...” Calles put his hand up.

Arrg, that be me requests, Morgana.” He looked out the window. “I'll be leavin' out t' sea after this.” Morgana was surprised.

And where are you going Mr...” Calles raised an eyebrow at her, Morgana sighed, she could feel her face turning red. “Calles” She said with a little attitude, that he didn't seem to notice as his smile widened.

Arr thar be somethin' I'm missing, I'm gonna go get it, tho I was suppose t' leave last night,” He smiled at her. Morgana got a little mad, she started thinking for a moment, why didn't he leave last night? She asked him as much and Calles rocked back on his heels in thought. “I saw you go into t' woods” Morgana looked confused

And why did that matter?” Morgana was a little irritated. “Raeka and I go into the woods often for different types of plants needed for our work, you must have seen me or her go in there before why follow me now?” Calles rocked back and forth on his heel for a moment.

Normally you all go alone,” He paused for a moment. “It jus' looked suspicious, after you went in Leonel sneaked in behind ya.” Calles looked away for a moment thinking maybe. “Thought you all were on some secret date.” Morgana looked at him dumbfounded, that had to be the stupidest thing she had ever heard. She was going to have to get some sort of book on Dragon's, she had read that Dragon's tended to be overprotective of people but why was that again? She shook her head he was dumb a date? Really?

A date, he is a student” Morgana shook her head. “Why would that even matter?” Calles smiled.

No reason,” He turned and started for the door. “Well I best be on my way.”

Calles,” He stopped at the door. “Well you please give me the bottle that is behind that painting with the white flowers.” Calles nodded and went straight to her painting pulling the painting off the wall perhaps a bit to roughly and then stopped. Morgana figured he was not expecting to see what he saw there.

Avast! Where did you get this?” He held up the bottle of rum. It was an old bottle Morgana had been very fond of, it was smooth, sweet, had a nice aroma , and well blended. It was the type of rum you enjoyed with as little company as possible, and Morgana was almost out.

That's my last bottle, Please bring me some more, perhaps ten should do for the next few months.” Calles opened the bottle right then and there and took a large drink. “I said that was my last bottle,” she sighed, “You could at least serve me a glass.” He handed the bottle to Morgana, she assumed it was to drink and frowned what type of women did he take her for?. “The glasses are in the same spot.” He looked confused for a moment then went and got the glasses. He over poured Morgana's tumbler. She glared at him. “You know most pirate captains would cut you for spilling their good rum.” Calles smiled widely.

Aye, Good thin' I am the only Pirate here.” He took another drink from the bottle, Morgana shook her head, and took a much needed drink from her glass, the golden liquid felt good.

I want you back in two day's, that is all I am giving you.” Calles frowned.

But it well take me 3 day's arr.” Morgana smiled at him.

Then you should have left yesterday.” she took another warming sip. “Oh and if you are late I well only call you Calles in private, and limit you to one hug a day, Savvy?.” Calles looked at her as if she had given him a death sentence it seemed using pirate phrases really caught his attention. Besides limiting their contact was more to Morgana's comfort levels, she didn't believe she promised him two rewards but she couldn't be sure. “The current well leave you behind if you don't hurry Calles.” With another large drink from her bottle which he took with him! He left Morgana in a rush.

She sat there alone for what felt like hours until Raeka showed up. She saw Morgana's empty cup and empty painting hiding place and frowned.

You drank all that alone?” Morgana shook her head.

I had one tumbler, then Calles took the rest, after I told him it was my last bottle too.” Morgana actually pouted, Raeka laughed, she wasn't use to Morgana pouting. Morgana grabbed the pillow from behind her and threw it at Raeka. “Not funny, now get the other bottle from my room, I need a drink.” Raeka giggled and grabbed the other bottle.

But you told Calles that bottle was you're last.” She said as she poured a drink for herself and then one for Morgana, Morgana shook her head the women had no manners but still she excepted the drink.

I also gave him three day's to get back, or I well limit his rewards.” Raeka looked at Morgana confused.

Rewards?” Morgana sighed.

Its a long story.” She had already finished the drink Raeka had given her and was pouring herself another round.

Well, I don't have anything else to do, might as well spill it.” Morgana smirked.

You do have something else to do, it's called drinking.”

This took me forever!! I am going to download all the pictures separately as well and link it all back to this. This is part of the task for teachers with the whole shield failing. I hope you guys like how everyone came out in my story personally I like how Calles looks the most he looks so bad Ass! this was such a pain to do all in one go tho I got so tired I did all the pictures in one day after I wrote the story which took longer and ended up longer then what I meant but hopefully you find it to be a good read. The picture was to bit to attach but this is where it is.
People in the story but in no real order are
Morgana which belongs to me
bad ass female Samusagi  :iconsamusagi:
 oh so cute kitty Beryl :icongoodkittynyanchan:
the girl who cares about everyone Melfara :iconmelfara:
the guy who probably wanted to sleep instead Kazuhiku  :iconkazuhiku:
The crazy Pirate Dragon Calles
the little brother!
The teacher with chemical burns Raeka :P (Lick) :iconhina-monoko:
Mentioned but not seen
the little nun Whitney
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